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Reduce the number of Approval Workflow Templates by Requiring Document Owner's Approval

Kyle Gibson -

We recently started rolling out a new feature to make approval workflow management easier by providing the option to require the document owner’s approval at any step within an approval workflow. If you are seeing an in-product notification on your Home page then this feature has been enabled. For details on this new feature, please see this announcement.

If this feature is currently enabled for your site, your existing approval workflows have not been changed. However, it may be possible to reduce the number of approval workflows that you have to manage by requiring the document owner’s approval at certain steps.

For example, consider a document owned by Bob that is configured to use an approval workflow consisting of Bob followed by Dave.

  1. Bob
  2. Dave

Suppose you have another document owned by John that is configured to use an approval workflow consisting of John followed by Dave.

  1. John
  2. Dave

Instead of these two separate approval workflows, you could create a new approval workflow that consists of the document owner in the first step, followed by Dave.

  1. The document owner
  2. Dave

Then, all of the documents which use the previous approval workflows may be updated to use this new one.



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