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PolicyStat Product Update Process

At PolicyStat, we’re focused on constantly improving our product to make managing your important content a breeze. As a true SaaS product, we’re able to seamlessly deliver high-quality improvements daily based on feedback from our customers. We’re always interested in hearing ideas about how to make the PolicyStat experience better because we’re here to serve you.

Update Cycle

We’re able to remain responsive to your needs by providing a steady stream of improvements in the background that require no intervention on your part. There’s no software to install and no upgrades to download. By avoiding “big bang” updates, we can ensure that all changes are thoroughly tested while also avoiding the user confusion that can result when too many things change at the same time. Even training is baked right in to the product so our users are able to quickly access supporting documentation at their own pace.

Want to keep up to date on the improvements were making? Simply check the “What’s New” link in the upper right hand corner of the application to see a detailed list of changes and improvements.

Gathering Your Feedback

We’re constantly looking for feedback on how to improve PolicyStat. Whether it’s through our account management program or customer support contacts, we’re committed to building the improvements that are most important to our users. Via our support site, you’re able to track the status of your issues from requirements all the way to a seamless product update.

Addressing Defects

Like any human-run endeavor, we understand that there will be defects that creep in from time to time. That’s why we’re focused on a process that allows us to quickly address them on a timescale of hours/days instead of the weeks and months that traditional vendors require.


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  • I think it is great that PolicyStat doesn't overwhelm the user with constant updates.   They happend with us when we were using another vendor.    It seemed that every week they were "upgrading" their system, however with their upgrades came problems.

    Thanks PolicyStat for your hard work!

  • We just recently went live with PolicyStat and I'm still working on sorting through our policy and attachments. I would really like to see more customization ability on the user-end in both html and the text editor.

    Some of the formatting and special features I'd like to add to make our policies look as much like the original as possible aren't available. 

    Examples: Color highlighting and text, find/replace feature, removing table borders. I find myself spending a lot of time testing css rules only to find they won't work.

    Hope to see some great changes in the future.

  • Hello Yvonne,

    Thanks for the feedback!

     more customization ability on the user-end in both html and the text editor.

    I hear you and this is definitely something on which we plan on improving. Our goal is to provide the ideal balance between easy consistency from policy to policy with the power to customize what the consistency actually looks like. Right now, we have that "consistency versus customization" knob dialed a bit farther towards the "consistency" side than is ideal.

     Color highlighting and text

    We plan on giving you more control over the ability to emphasize specific sections of text and specific words with standardized highlighting. Do you think that would meet your need?

     find/replace feature

    Absolutely. Right now, you need to drop in to the MS Word to use this, but we are definitely going to add this ability to the normal editor.

     removing table borders

    Do you find that this is something that you want to only do on specific tables, or would you like borderless to be the standard for all tables you use?

     I find myself spending a lot of time testing css rules only to find they won't work.

    It sounds like you're a power user, which I love! We have plans to improve your ability to try out CSS rules by giving you a preview document on that page to see exactly how your proposed rules will change things. While we'll always have some limits on what can be done with CSS, that should help. Also, please feel free to reach out to our support staff if something isn't working as expected. We're very happy to help.

    Thanks again for the feedback.


  • Hi Wes

    Thank you for addressing my comments!

     Color highlighting and text

    I think color choices would be nice, green, red, yellow for example. These are the most common colors I see in our policies.

     find/replace feature

    I look forward to seeing that new feature!

     removing table borders

    There are only specific areas that I want to remove the borders. Table borders as a default is fine but it would be nice to have the option/ability to remove then.

     I find myself spending a lot of time testing css rules only to find they won't work.

    I totally understand the limitations. I manage 2 websites for our facility so I may be expecting more than what's allowed.  We have 100's of attachment that currently require a download and open in their native application. I'm working through these to try and convert as many as possible to html and replace the attachments with a links on the main policy.

    Needless to say, the more formatting capabilities available would help ease this daunting task.

    Thanks for the excellent support you all provide!