How do I Access Policies when the Internet is Down?


PolicyStat is delivered 100% over the Internet.  

So, in order to maintain the highest level of service available to our customers, PolicyStat is hosted in geographically redundant data centers should a disaster happen or an Internet outage occurs someplace in the cloud.

Back Up Policies Locally

As a best practice, we recommend regularly generating and saving a backup of up your policy library to a locally accessible shared-drive. If/when your Internet goes down, rest assured that access to your policies and procedures will not.

You will first need to decide what sort of backup schedule makes the most sense. For example, 

  • Daily vs. weekly?
  • Incremental vs. full backups? 
  • Who will bear the responsibility of executing the backup?

Adding answers to questions like these to your Disaster Recovery plan is essential to making sure your data is accessible during an internet outage.

Site Admin PDF Backups

Site Administrators can generate PDF backups of all your files. For more on this process, see this article.

PolicyStat Database Backup Service

If you are like most Site Administrators, you may not have the time to add this important task to your already overbooked schedule. Or, there just may not be anyone else to take on the responsibility.

To assist, PolicyStat offers an automated Data Backup Service. For more information, download this handout or contact

Do you have a Disaster Recovery Plan for your policies and procedures?
See the attached file to download a copy of ours! 



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