The “Show Changes” feature is a detailed view of how a document has been altered. Alterations include content that has been added or removed, and also content that has been re-ordered and re-formatted.

Basic Usage

  1. To view changes for a document, click on the “All Versions” button in the navigation bar.

  2. Select the version of the document you wish to view.

  3. Changes are hidden by default; click the “Show Changes” button at the side of the content to display the changes.

Content that has been added or reformatted will appear colored green; content that has been removed or reformatted will appear colored red.

You can use the timeline at the top of the screen to change which versions of the document you’re comparing. By default, the version of the document you selected is compared to the prior fully-approved version of the document.

Select a different point in time by clicking and moving the beginning and the end of the shaded box to different events.

What kinds of changes are displayed?

“Show Changes” highlights content that has been removed, added, re-ordered, or re-formatted.

If content was removed, added, or re-ordered, this will appear as an “Edited” or “Administrator Override” event.

If no content was removed, added, or re-ordered, this will appear as a “Sent for re-approval” event.

Content that has been re-formatted may also be included in any of the previous events. For example, if an ordered list is indented, the content of the list has not been altered. Rather, the content has merely been re-formatted.


Why am I seeing changes when there aren’t any “Edited” events?

Changes can occur in other events. For example, the “Administrator Override” and “Sent for re-approval” events may also contain changes. See “What kinds of changes are displayed?” for an explanation of what changes these events may contain.

Why am I seeing parts of my document removed and added when I didn’t change anything?

While you may not have altered any of the document’s content, if you re-ordered the content or changed the formatting, these changes will be displayed as being added and removed.

Why does the “Revised” column say “Unchanged” when there are changes showing?

When the Revised column contains “Unchanged,” this means that no content was removed, added or re-ordered. However, content may have been re-formatted.

If you are seeing changes and the “All Versions” page indicates that the version was “Unchanged,” the changes you are viewing are formatting changes.


The “Show Changes” feature is a powerful tool you can use for inspecting in detail the changes made to a document. Knowing what can be changed, and when those changes can appear, will help you to use the “Show Changes” feature to the fullest extent possible.

If you’re seeing changes when you click “Show Changes”, it means that some of the content was either added, removed, re-ordered or re-formatted. If you’re certain you did none of these, take a moment to inspect the structure of your document to ensure it wasn’t changed by mistake.

If you still think there’s something amiss, don’t hesitate to contact


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