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Creating a Compressed (or Zipped) Folder


All files will need to be zipped prior to delivery to your site administrator for dashboard uploading.

Acceptable File Formats

The required format for policies is .doc or .docx. Formats such as .xls, .png, .jpg, etc. can be zipped and uploaded, but cannot be converted directly to policies. These files can instead be attached to a policy during dashboard upload, or made into standalone stub policies. For guidance on any files in PDF format, please consult your local Site Administrator or your PolicyStat Implementation Consultant.

For the greatest ease of upload, group files according a distinction like Area (Category), Applicability group, Approval Workflow, Document Owner, and/or review period.

Zipping Files Tutorial (01:43)



Steps to zipping (compressing) your files

  • Organize your files into folders by area.*

         *File types must be either .docx, .doc.



  • Right-click on each folder, choose Send to and Compressed (zipped) folder

    *The appearance may vary based local computer settings. A zip option may also appear as the name of the program (e.g. - WinZip or 7-Zip).




What's next?

After the files have been successfully zipped, contact your Site Administrator to upload them via the Implementation Dashboard.


Files Not Zipping

In some instances creating a zipped folder results in an error message. This results from a limitation by Microsoft related to the name of the file and file path (e.g. - C:\Documents\MyFolder...) length. Microsoft Windows limits the number of characters in the name of the file and file path to a maximum of 260 characters. Files with attachments may also not create zipped folders properly. For more on this, see this article.

PolicyStat recommends using a third party zipped folder program to bypass the Microsoft limitations. The free open source compression program 7-Zip (download here) has proven the most effective as it will not limit file names. Please consult your local IT department if you require administrative permissions to download an external program.


This article applies to the following user roles:

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