What is a Proxy and how do I act as one?


In PolicyStat, a proxy is a user who completely takes over another user’s policy and procedure responsibilities.

This short tutorial covers what a proxy is, who assigns one, and what roles and responsibilities a proxy takes on.

Being a Proxy Tutorial (00:37)



Logging in as a Proxy

In this example, David Steele will need Jennifer Mulholland to serve as his proxy while he is away.

  1. First, a proxy relationship will need to be established by their Site Administrator.

  2. Jennifer logs in to PolicyStat using her own account as she would like to conduct her own activities.

  3. To take actions as David, she clicks the Log In As Proxy link next to her Welcome message (top left of the browser window, above the facility logo).

  4. Jennifer selects David's name from the drop-down.

  5. Jennifer is now logged in as David and can complete any required actions or activities as his proxy.

  6. Approvals made by Jennifer while serving as David's proxy will be note David's name in the document's history with Jennifer's initials.

  7. While serving as a proxy for David, Jennifer can also assume proxy roles for additional users as needed.

  8. To return to her own PolicyStat account, Jennifer clicks the Return to Your Account link, which has replaced the Log In As Proxy link.

Removing Proxy Responsibilities

Upon David's return, the Site Administrator must remove Jennifer's proxy rights prior to David being able to log in using his account. For more on how Site Administrators remove a proxy, see this article.

Proxied User Access

The user who is being proxied may still require access to view policies during the time the proxy is in place, but without regaining full access to their account. When a proxied user attempts to login with their credentials, they will be met with an error message advising them of the proxy.

The message advises them to contact their Site Administrator to remove the proxy. Alternatively, if the facility allows the use of Guest Access links, they can also use the link within the messaging to enter the PolicyStat site as a guest to view policies. 



This article applies to the following user roles:

 user.png owner.png  approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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