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Make an Accidentally Retired Policy Active / Unretire


Site Administrators have the ability to take an already-retired or archived document and restore it as the current active version. This might be necessary if a document was accidentally retired, or if a document that was once retired becomes once-again relevant.

Restore a Retired Policy Document (02:31)


To make that document active, you need to:

Find and view the retired document 

  1. Click the Admin tab.

  2. Click the link for the Retired Policiesreport.

  3. Locate and open your document by clicking the title.

Pend your document for approval

  1. While viewing the document, click the edit link to open it for editing.

  2. Without making any changes (so it will show as being unchanged), provide a description of why the document is being reinstated in the Summary of Changes box (1) and click Start Approval Process (2).

Approve the Document

Once the document has fully completed its Approval Workflow, it will once again be active and visible in search results. A duplicate copy of the retired document has now been restored to be active.

Rapid Restoration
If a document needs to be restored as active quickly without completing a lengthy workflow process, complete the following steps:

  1. Create an Approval Workflow with themselves as the sole Approver. Suggested titles include "Retire Restore", "Override" or "Site Admin Only" to ensure this is only used when absolutely necessary.

  2. On the Properties menu, select this workflow.

  3. When starting the Approval Process, if the Mark My Approval box is checked, the document will be reinstated to Active status as soon as the button is clicked.

  4. When the document has been restored, use an Override to restore the Approval Workflow to the original selection. 


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