Send an External Guest Access Link to a Policy


Sharing policy documents with others who do not have access to PolicyStat can be beneficial. Links can be placed on intranet pages or desktop shortcuts.

Sharing or linking to the main policy hyperlink stored in the browser's address bar requires a PolicyStat account to access. Site Administrators can instead generate a Guest Access Link to enable an outside party to view a policy without the need to login.

NOTE: Owners, Area Editors, and Area Managers can also generate Read-Only Sharing Access links. For more on that process, see this article. For more about the difference between the two, see below or click here.

To find the Guest Access Link for a particular policy:

  1. Log in with your Site Administrator account.
  2. Search for and view the policy you wish to link. 
  3. At the bottom of the policy, below the content, find the Guest Access Link. 

  4. Copy and paste that link to your desired location.*

    *Note: Anyone who uses it will automatically be logged in as a guest user with read-only access and they will be taken directly to the policy. They will also have read-only access to all of PolicyStat.

    To generate a Read-Only Access Link that grants access to only the policy, see this article.

Guest Access Link for a particular document attachment:

  1. For policy attachments, such as a PDF or DOC, use the Guest Access Link to the attachment's parent document and not the URL for the attachment

  2. URLs for attachments will expire automatically every 30 days for security purposes, but Guest Access Links do not expire unless the site administrator changes the security token.


Guest Access vs. Read-Only Sharing Access

A Guest Access Link and a Read-Only Sharing Access link both provide an end user the ability to view the content of a policy. The primary difference is that a Guest Access link provides the user to be able to search for and view policies across PolicyStat (Figure 1).

Figure 1


With a Read-Only Sharing link, the end user is limited to only the policy content. They do not have the ability to search for and explore any other policy's content  else on the PolicyStat site.


For more information about how to create a Read-Only Sharing link, see this article.


This article applies to the following user roles:


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