For PolicyStat clients with multiple facilities as part of a network, one facility may want to share the content of an existing document with another. 

Possible solutions may be to make the document applicable to all facilities in the network, or to copy and paste all text in an email or Word doc and send it to the other facility. 

The Copy as New feature in PolicyStat allows facilities to share and transfer the content of a document without the need to ever leave PolicyStat. 

 Copy as New (00:57)

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Copy as New

PLEASE NOTE: Copying an existing document to a new location requires user permissions to create a new document on the destination site.

Locate the existing document

  • From the Change Location drop-down menu (top left of the PolicyStat window) select the location where the existing document that is being copied is located.

  • With the site featuring the existing document open, locate and open the document to be copied. 

  • Click the Copy as New Policy link in the list of options on the top right of the document.

  • From the corresponding pop-up, click the desired destination.

  • The document content is now copied and pasted to the new destination as a new draft.

  • Saving the draft requires a Title (1), Owner (2), Area (3), and Approval Workflow to be assigned.



This article applies to the following user roles:


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