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Pre-Implementation Dashboard Information


The following article discusses information important to know and to ensure a successful upload process of documents to PolicyStat.

Once all requirements described below have been met, for more information on the upload process, see this article.

File Formats

  • The Dashboard can accept individual files one by one, or through compressed (zipped) folders.

  • The required file format for uploading policies is .doc or .docx (typically Microsoft Word files).

  • Files in PDF format require additional consideration. Please consult your Site Administrator or PolicyStat Implementation Consultant with questions or concerns about PDF files.

  • For more information about file naming and attachments, please see this article.


  • Attachments can be addendums, spreadsheets, PowerPoints, manuals, forms, etc. 
  • Each attachment should be separated from its parent document into a standalone file.
  • Attachments should be clearly named to indicate:
    • The file is an attachment
    • Which parent document it should attach to.

Compressed (Zipped) Folders

  • The Implementation Dashboard accepts uploads of individual files or zipped folders.
  • Uploading multiple files during one upload requires creating a zipped folder.
  • Prior to creating a zipped folder, organize files by Area, Approval Workflow, or Owner of the document.
  • Individual files for upload and/or zipped folders of files should not exceed 20 MB.
  • For more information on creating a zip file, please see this article.

Logging In

You will receive a log-in from your local Site Administrator or your PolicyStat Implementation Consultant.

Implementation Dashboard Access

Access to the Implementation Dashboard requires Site Administrator permissions. Site Administrator permissions are enabled when the Admin tab is present in the tabs on the top left of your PolicyStat homepage. 


Please contact your local Site Administrator or your PolicyStat Implementation Consultant if you need to upload policies but do not have access to the Admin tab in PolicyStat.

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This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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