Creating a new policy in PolicyStat is easy with either the PolicyStat Editor or uploading a Word document.

Before getting started, ensure creating a completely new policy is the best course of action. If an existing policy mostly meets your needs, try editing the existing policy instead.

To create a new policy with either the Editor or a Word doc upload, click the link below to view an interactive tutorial showing how easy it is.


Create a New Policy (02:46)



Create a new policy with the PolicyStat Editor

1) Start from the Home tab on your PolicyStat site



2) Click New Policy under the Policy Management section (far right column):


3) Choose the appropriate corresponding template (IF APPLICABLE)


4) Ensure the new document contains the following to save as a draft: 

  • A title (Policy Content tab)
  • An Owner (Policy Properties tab)
  • An Area (Policy Properties tab)
  • An Approval Workflow  (Policy Properties tab)



Create a new policy from an existing Word document: 

1) Start from the Home tab on your PolicyStat site.



2) Click Upload button under the Policy Management section (far right column):


3) On the following page, click Browse to locate and select the Word document.


With the proper file selected, click Create from upload to convert and import the document into the PolicyStat Editor.





This article applies to the following user roles:

aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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