Ensuring users have both read and acknowledged a policy's content can be critical for both legal and procedural reasons.

PolicyStat makes this process simple through the ability to assign acknowledgments by user or by user group. In addition, acknowledgments recur each time a policy is updated to ensure users are aware of the latest version of the policy. 

Users with Area Manager or Site Administrator permissions can assign or unassign policy acknowledgments to individual users or user groups. Area Owners or Site Administrators can then view and track completions by user or by policy. 

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Assign Acknowledgments (02:12)

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Assigning Acknowledgments

  • From the PolicyStat homepage, click Assign Acknowledgements under the Acknowledgments header. 


  • Select Users or User Groups to assign Acknowledgements to using the search bar on the left column.



  • Locate the polic(ies) to assign acknowledgments to using the right column.
  • Select all displayed policies by clicking the Select All check box (1), select individual policies using their respective check boxes (2), or use the filters to narrow the search (3).  



  • When all users and policies have been selected, click Assign Acknowledgments (4).

    NOTE: By default, PolicyStat assigns acknowledgments that only require a user to acknowledge the first time policy is assigned. To re-assign acknowledgments whenever changes are approved, click Automatically assign when new versions with changes are approved (5).


View and Assign Incomplete Acknowledgments by Policy 
Users who have ownership permission for a policy (Owner/Area Manager/Site Administrator) can also view incomplete acknowledgments assigned to a policy.

  • Open a policy for which ownership permissions are assigned and scroll to the bottom. 
  • Locate the heading titled Recurring Acknowledgments and click the  symbol to expand.
  • The list of users and/or user groups who have not yet acknowledged the policy are displayed.
  • To assign more users to acknowledge a policy, click Assign more acknowledgments.
  • Notification emails to assigned users are sent once a week on Monday night.  No immediate notification is sent when an acknowledgement is assigned. 


This article applies to the following user roles:


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