How do I Change Multiple Policy Properties at Once? -Bulk Admin Override


Once policies become active, circumstances surrounding the policies may change, or policy settings may require adjustments. While policy settings may be changed individually, some situations require changes to multiple similar policies. To save time, the Bulk Admin Override feature allows Site Administrators to make changes to the properties of multiple policies at the same time.

NOTE: This function works only for active policies. If uploads are still in the conversion process, this will not apply. In addition, no notifications will be sent to users upon completion of an override.

A quick disclaimer that some terms may differ from your location, but the concepts are universal. An area may be known as Policy Area, Department, Category, etc. on your PolicyStat site.

Bulk Admin Override (01:46)




Bulk Admin Override

  • Click the Admin tab to view the Administrator Menu.


  • Locate the Bulk Admin Override link from the Site Data list.


  • Locate the polic(ies) to be modified. If necessary, use the search box (1) and/or Owner (2), Area (3)m or Reference Tag filters to narrow your search.


  • Check the box at the top of the table (5) to select all displayed policies or the boxes prior to each policy title (6) to select on a one by one basis. 


  • Use the drop-down lists to make modifications using the categories of: 
  • OwnerArea, Applicability (if applicable), Approval Flow, Restricted, Reference TagFuture Expiration*, and Current Next Review*.
  • Provide a Summary of Changes detailing the changes made and why for the historical record (7) and click the Apply Changes button (8).


*The Future Expiration column details changes to the expiration period for all future versions of the polic(ies). The Current Next Review column changes when the current active version of the polic(ies) will be due for review.


This article applies to the following user roles:


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