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For most users of PolicyStat, making changes to an existing policy requires following an Approval Workflow.

Site Administrators have the ability to use an Administrative Override to change to a policy. This is ideally designed to be used for small changes like typo correction, name modification, etc. These changes do not create new versions but instead are considered overrides to the current, active version.

In addition to content and property overrides, Site Administrators also have the option to simulate approvals. This is applicable for circumstances such as adding an Approver to a workflow (e.g. a Subject Matter Expert) who may not be a part of the regular Workflow but does need their approval to be noted on the historical record.

Administrator Override (01:39)


Administrative Override

  • To make an Administrative Override, click the Override link in the bar on the top right of the policy. NOTE: This is visible for Site Admins only.

  • After making the edits or other modifications to the policy, describe the changes made (1) and click the Override the Policy button (2).

  • The changes are reflected in the history for the policy document. 


Adjust Dates 

Certain policy dates can be added or adjusted during the Override. These dates are explained below. 

Please Note: This graphic uses default terminology which may differ from your site. However, all functionality is the same.


  1. Next Review: This is the date on which the policy is next due for review. This applies to the current, active version.
  2. Default Period to Next Review: This is the period of time between the final approval date and when the next review period will begin. If modified, this will impact future versions only. In other words, when the policy completes the next review, this period will be applied to the new version.
  3. Origination: This is the date when the original version of the policy became active, and this may have occurred prior to starting with PolicyStat. 
  4. Approved: This is the date when the policy last completed the Approval Workflow. 


Simulate an Approval

  • To simulate an approval, click the Override link in the bar on the top right of the policy. NOTE: This is visible for Site Admins only.

  • Click the Approval Simulation tab. NOTE: This is only visible during an override. 

  • Enter the name of the Approver (1) and the date they provided their approval (2).

  • Describe the changes made (3) and click the Override the Policy button (4).


  • The process can only be used to add one approver at a time. For multiple approvers, repeat the process. 

  • This process is adding a new approver, and does not advance an Approval Workflow. To advance a Workflow, log in as a proxy for any existing members who have not approved on the current step and mark the approval on their behalf.  

  • Please note that no notifications are sent when an override has been completed. 


This article applies to the following user roles:


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  • Could you update this document to include information about document versioning when an override is done? Does the document change versions with a simple change made through override? Thanks!

  • I have updated the documentation to reflect that the document does not change versions with an override. Override modifications are reflected on the current, active version, so the version remains the same during this process.