How can I modify Approval Workflows in bulk (or identify Approvers)?


As a Site Admin, it may be useful to identify a list of all users in your site who are serving as Approvers on an Approval Workflow.  

Generate an Approval Workflow Report

To identify which users are assigned to an Approval Workflow, generate an Approval Workflow report.

  1. Click Admin

  2. Click Approval Workflows

  3. Click Bulk Approval Workflows (located in the blue bar in the top right).

  4. Click the Download Approval Workflows button.
NOTE: This will download as a TSV (tab separated value) report. These reports typically open with spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel.


To use the report to gather information, you do not need to complete the steps to edit the Approval Workflows.

To gather information on other user permissions (Owners, Area Editors, Area Managers, and Site Admins), generate a User Permissions report. For more on that report, see this article.


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