By default, as soon as the final Approver on an Approval Workflow marks their approval, the pending policy moves to an Active status and will be viewable by all PolicyStat users.

The Scheduled Effective Date feature adds an optional step between the final approval and the Active status. This feature provides the ability to delay the pending policy moving to Active to a specific date or a specific number of days past when that final approval was provided.


How to Schedule an Effective Date (01:32)




How to Schedule an Effective Date

  1. From the draft view of a policy, locate and click the Policy Properties tab.

  2. Locate the Effective Date section and make your selection from the following options.

    Active Upon Approval
    The default setting is that the policy will become active Upon Approval. In other words, when the final Approver marks their approval, the policy will become live, searchable, and effective.

    X days after the final approval
    With this radio button selected, the policy will become effective (e.g. - Active status) on a specific number of days after approval". The set number of days after the final approval will also be applied to the next version of the policy.   

    On a specific date
    With this radio button selected, the policy will become effective (e.g. - active status) on a specific date. When setting a specific date, if desired, the effective date can also be set in the past. This will automatically set the policy as effective.

Modifying the Effective Date

Once the policy pends for approval, the Effective Date diagram appears on the View and Approve pages at the top. Users with Edit permissions on the policy (OwnerApproverArea EditorArea ManagerSite Administrator), can alter the effective date fields by clicking the Edit Effective Date button.

From the resulting window, users can adjust the effective date and save the changes. 

Adjusting the effective date will not restart the workflow, but the action will be added to history.


Modifying Effective Date Once Scheduled

Once a policy has completed the workflow and moves to a status of scheduled, the specific effective date can be modified, but the number of days after the final approval cannot.

PLEASE NOTE:For accountability reasons, once a policy completes the workflow and moves to a scheduled status, that version cannot be modified. While it does not yet appear in search results, completion of the Workflow is equivalent to the Active status in that the content is complete.

While in scheduled status, the policy will be visible to users with elevated permissions (Owner, Approver, Area Manager, Site Administrator) under the Scheduled policies report. Users assigned to acknowledge the scheduled version can see the policy.


This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png approver.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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