Many policies contain numbered lists to organize the display of content. However, some of these lists can become rather long making proper navigation challenging for users. 

To ease the navigation of lists and to provide a cleaner, easier to use layout, PolicyStat offers Numbered Headings. 

This article covers the basics of how to create Numbered Headings. For Frequently Asked Questions, see this article.


Creating Numbered Headings

  1. Open a new draft policy. 

  2. Place the cursor and modify the text box to a Heading.

  3.  With the text entered, choose one of the four numbering options from the Numbering drop-down list.

  4. The selected formatting will be applied. 

  5. Add additional subheadings, section headings, or section subheadings as needed. The numbering style will continue based on the first level selection.

  6.  Standard numbered or bulleted lists from the editor can also be added as subpoints as needed. As these list items are not directly connected with the Numbered Headings, the styles can be adjusted differently from the styles applied to the Headings.



This article applies to the following user roles:

owner.png approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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