What does the Scheduled Policies Report do?


Policies with a Scheduled status can be located by opening the Scheduled report.


The list of displayed policies can be shown as Pending or Scheduled, or if desired, both. The list can also be narrowed to show Everyone's or Just Mine


The filter options are listed below:

  • Pending policies have not yet completed the Approval Workflow.
  • Scheduled policies have completed the workflow, but are scheduled to become effective at a date or time in the future. 
  • The Just mine filter shows only scheduled policies for which you had approvals
  • The Everyone's filter shows all scheduled policies you have view permissions to see
    • This does not include restricted policies if you do not have permissions for that Area.
NOTE:For technical reasons, this displays only scheduled policies applicable to the current site. The pending policies report displays all pending policies across the customer's applicability group (if applicable).
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