Creating Smart Groups (Site Admins)

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Smart groups are created based on meta data assigned to users accounts. This meta_data can be added to a user's account using the Bulk Account Update sheet, otherwise known as the user account sheet.

You can find this sheet in the User Management area. Click on "Users" from the "Admin" tab, then click "Bulk Account Update" on the top of the page in the blue bar. Here you can "Download Current Users" by clicking the button at the top of the page.


Adding Meta Data to User Accounts

Lets start by explaining how to add meta_data to a user account. Here is an example of the user account sheet with meta_data assigned to each user.


The last three columns of this bulk account update sheet that start with "_meta_text_" are the columns that add the meta text to the user accounts.

note: meta data can also be added through Active Directory syncs if this is how your organizations user accounts are managed.

The terms used after "meta_text_" are the actually text added to the user account. Each piece of data will be connected to the account as a pair with the term defined after "_meta_text_" and the term listed in that column correlating with each user. For example Eileen Sailor's account will have "Job Title" correlated with "Information Services." Now that we know how to add meta data to the account we can build smart groups.


Building Smart Groups

You can download the smart groups template from the smart groups page. To get to the smart groups page click "User Groups" on the right side of the home page, then click on "Smart Groups" in the blue bar at the top of the User Group Management page. Then click the "Download Current Smart groups" button on the Bulk Smart Group Update page. If you have not filled out smart groups, you will download a CSV with all the necessary columns. There are instructions on filling out this sheet on the Bulk Smart Group Update page.

There are two ways you can build smart groups...

  1. The first way is to create a group and then identify which codes or terms (meta data) should be used to place users into those groups. The meta data could be job codes, job titles, or any other string of characters that are linked to a users account using meta data. In this case the smart groups will be filled out like the example below. With the field values matching the codes or terms assigned to each user account in the bulk account update sheet, using the column title "meta_data_Job Code," "meta_data_Job Title," or "meta_data_Facility." As long as job codes, job titles, or facilities have been added as meta data to the user accounts, the field values will be tracked and the associated users will be added to the group created.


    some notes...

    • You can use Job Codes, Job Titles, Facility, or something else as long as the format is correct
    • Group Name is the name that will appear in the User Groups area once these smart groups are created
    • The Name, Description, and Field Name columns are descriptor fields and do not have any impact on the creation of smart group.
    • An unlimited amount of field values can be included for a group. Just list the field values in the following columns in the same row as shown in the example CSV above.

  2. The second option is to create a smart groups sheet that will pull the term listed in a user's meta data and create a user group based on the term. In this example, the meta data is listed under Job Title.


    The smart groups sheet will look like the example above. The Group Name column is determining the meta data used to group users. The field value is a *, indicating that the value will be determined based on whatever is listed in the Group Name, in this case the "Job Title." And the Field Name, is determining which meta data associated with the user accounts is used to create the group name. The Field Name and the metadata in the Group Name should match. This column will correlate with whichever meta_text field assigned this field name in the bulk account update sheet. 


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