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Label Changes for Scheduled Effective Date


By default, as soon as the final Approver on an Approval Workflow marks their approval, the policy moves from a status of Pending to Active and will be viewable by all PolicyStat users.   

The Scheduled Effective Date feature adds an optional step between the final approval and the Active status. This feature provides the ability to delay the pending policy moving to Active to a specific date or a specific number of days past when that final approval was provided.


Existing Effective Date Label

Some client sites feature a pre-existing label that currently uses the label Effective. Most commonly, this term was used to describe the first time a policy was created and completed the approval process either with or external to PolicyStat.



Scheduled Effective Date Label

When the Scheduled Effective Date feature is enabled, a new Effective Date label will be added to your documents. This label indicates when the current version of the policy was made effective. 

This may result in two Effective being featured in dates on the header. If you currently use Effective to indicate the date the policy first became active, we recommend changing this label to Origination as this label more accurately describes when the policy was originally created. However, the label can be represented by any term preferred by your organization.


If you enable the feature but do not plan on establishing a Scheduled Effective Date the effective date will match the approved date.


Networked/Applicability Sites

If your site is part of a network of sites that share policies using an Applicability group, please check with the responsible parties at your site before making the label change to ensure consistent appearance across the group. If you maintain a policy on policies, make sure that is up to date as well.


How to Change Labels

    1. Click the Admin tab. 

    2. Click Policy Layout.

    3. Click Header Fields.

    4. Change the label (1) to Origination (or other selected term). Please also note that if you enable the effective date feature, but decide later to not to have it display, deselect the check box (2).
    5. Save your changes.



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Support Hours:
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