What are the Printer Friendly PDF and Email Copy Options?


Users can generate PDF copies of policy documents and email links to those PDFs to any other users, regardless if they have access to PolicyStat or not.

The top right corner of any policy document features two links: Printer Friendly (1) and Email Copy (2). 


Each link generates a PDF version of the file, but each function a little differently. 

Printer Friendly

The Printer Friendly link opens generates a PDF version of the policy document. This PDF can be saved to your local machine and printed or distributed just the same as any other file.

By default, these PDFs will contain: 

  1. A COPY watermark across the middle
  2. A footer containing:
    1. The policy document's title
    2. Date of retrieval of the source file
    3. A link to where the original source file can be found
    4. A copyright


Email Copy

The Email Copy link opens a new email within your local email service (e.g. - Outlook, Gmail, etc.) containing a link to the PDF version for another user to open.

The email content can be modified and customized as needed, including the recipients, but we do strongly recommend leaving the link intact to ensure the PDF will open.


NOTE: The link to the PDF will expire within 30 days of being created, or if the policy document's content is modified.

For additional policy sharing options for users with elevated permissions, see this article.


This article applies to the following user roles:

staff.png user.png owner.png collaborator.png approver.png aeditor.png amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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