PLEASE NOTE: This feature is not yet active for all customers and will be slowly rolling out over the Summer of 2017.

By default, as soon as the final Approver on an Approval Workflow marks their approval, the pending policy moves to an Active status and will be viewable by all PolicyStat users.   

The Scheduled Effective Date feature adds an optional step between the final approval and the Active status. This feature provides the ability to delay the pending policy moving to Active to a specific date or a specific number of days past when that final approval was provided.

This feature allows for a policy to become active just in time with a new regulation, allow a period for required parties to become trained about the new policy prior to it becoming active (Period of Education), or many other similar reasons.  

This article discusses some of the new elements to look for. Please scroll or use the table below to navigate to key features.

Locate Sched Effect Date Interface Tour Pending Policy View Scheduled Status
Scheduled Policies Report Policy Header Additional Notes  

Locate the Scheduled Effective Date Settings

To modify the Effective Date, start by locating the Effective Date interface on the Policy Properties tab.



Effective Date Interface Tour

  1. This is the timeline for when the policy will become effective. The example policy will become effective upon approval without a delay.
  2. The default setting is that the policy will become active Upon Approval. In other words, when the final Approver marks their approval, the policy will become live, searchable, and effective.
  3. With this radio button selected, the policy will become effective (e.g. - active status) on X number of days after approval"...
  4. With this radio button selected, the policy will become effective (e.g. - active status) on On a specific date

NOTE: When setting a specific date (4), the date can also be set in the past.

Pending Policy View

Once the policy pends for approval, the Effective Date diagram appears on the View and Approve pages at the top.

If the user viewing the page has Edit permissions on the policy (Owner, EducatorApprover, Area Editor, Area Manager, Site Administrator), they can alter the effective date fields by clicking the Edit link below the third step in the Scheduled Effective Date flow. This will not restart the workflow, but the action will be added to history.


Scheduled Status

Once a policy is fully approved if it has an assigned effective date in the future the policy's status will become Scheduled. Policies cannot be edited while in the scheduled status.


Scheduled policies will become active at 4 AM EST the day they are to become active.

Scheduled Policies Report

Policies with a Scheduled status can be located by opening the Scheduled report.

The list of displayed policies can be shown as Pending or Scheduled, or if desired, both. The list can also be narrowed to show Everyone's or Just Mine


The filter options are listed below:

  • Pending policies have not yet completed the Approval Workflow.
  • Scheduled policies have completed the workflow, but are scheduled to become effective at a date or time in the future. 
  • The Just mine filter shows only scheduled policies for which you had approvals
  • The Everyone's filter shows all scheduled policies you have view permissions to see
    • This does not include restricted policies if you do not have permissions for that Area.


For technical reasons, this displays only scheduled policies applicable to the current site. The pending policies report displays all pending policies across the customer's applicability group (if applicable).


Viewing a Policy Header


The header when viewing a policy has been updated to include an Origination Date (1). The Origination Date is defined as the first version's effective date.

This means for newly created policies, the origination date matches the effective date (2). For the next version of that policy, the Origination will retain with the first version's effective date.

NOTE: The Origination label is configurable and can be adjusted by a Site Administrator under the Policy Layout configuration setting in the Admin menu. For more, see this article.


Additional Items to Note

  • It is possible to force a policy to go active when viewing/overriding a scheduled policy by altering the Effective date fields to today or a date in the past.

  • At this time, it is not possible to create a draft version, if the policy is scheduled to become effective later.

  • Once a policy becomes "Scheduled", the effective date based on "X number of days" can no longer be altered.

  • New versions of policies that had set "X Number of Days" will start with that value pre-set from the previous version. Meaning once "X number of days is set" all future version will respect that unless specifically changed.


Features to be Added Later (No current time frame assigned):

  • Acknowledgments integration with scheduled policies

Note to Site Administrators

If your PolicyStat site makes use of a Policy on Policies, please ensure the content of that policy reflects the changes reflected with the Scheduled Effective Date feature. Thanks!

If you do not currently have one, but would like to, PolicyStat offers this sample outline/template. This sample was provided by a PolicyStat client and has been approved for general distribution. 

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