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PolicyStat is joining the iContracts family: FAQ


Was PolicyStat acquired by another company?
Yes. PolicyStat, LLC was acquired by iContracts. Please refer to this press release for additional information. Press Release

Why are PolicyStat and iContracts merging?
The combination of the two rapidly growing companies creates a unique entity focused on helping companies manage the most critical aspects of any business – revenue management, contract management, and compliance across these and many other high-risk business processes.

Who will take care of my implementation, sales, support, service?

The same dedicated team from PolicyStat will continue to provide you with exceptional care both now and in the future with no disruption in our service. We are committed to maintaining the relationships and trust we have worked hard to build with you.

What attracted iContracts to PolicyStat?
iContracts has made a strategic investment by acquiring PolicyStat – PolicyStat adds important functionality to iContracts’ portfolio and iContracts adds the same to PolicyStat portfolio. They were attracted by our team, our technology, our approach to the market, and the success of our customers.

Will PolicyStat move their headquarters to New Jersey?
iContracts is committed to maintaining our offices in the Indianapolis area. The merger with PolicyStat provides iContracts a solid foothold in the Midwest. Maintaining our base in Indiana also provides access to talent from some of the best universities and an established and growing technology industry.

Does this mean PolicyStat will change their name?
The PolicyStat name will continue, initially as PolicyStat an iContracts Company. In the future, it is possible that PolicyStat will become a product category within the iContracts brand, but regardless, iContracts is fully committed to the current and future PolicyStat platform.

Does this change the priorities for the product?
PolicyStat is committed to the product roadmap and enhancements that have been communicated to date. We will likely add some integration between existing PolicyStat and iContracts products in the future. Keeping with our commitment to transparency, you will be kept informed of any changes made along the way.

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