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The Site Configuration menu provides Site Administrators the ability to modify terminology and other content across the site. This is typically established during the implementation process, but it can be helpful to understand the content in the event it needs to be modified.



The first tab lists labels and terminology to be applied across the product. The default terminology is Policy, Area, and Guest, but this can be modified to suit local preferences. Common alternatives are "department", "document", "patient", and so on.

Changes made to these terms will reflect anywhere across your site the label is utilized. 

Welcome Content

By default, the welcome page of PolicyStat displays only a listing of New and Recently Revised Policies.

Additional content can be added to the welcome page to provide messages to users and staff, including contact information for Site Administrators.


To populate this content, check the box (1) and enter content to appear on the Welcome page (2). Please note that content should be written using HTML formatting. For more information on how to write using HTML, please see this article or we also recommend the free HTML Basics page.


While not required, if users have questions regarding an automated email they receive from PolicyStat, it can be helpful to route specific questions to a Site Administrator or other party local to your facility. If desired, enter that email address here. 


The "Other" category contains a number of different options.

  1. Automatic guest login allows any user access to your PolicyStat site and content without the need to provide a login. As long as they know your URL, (e.g. - they can view all of your content. 

    As an alternative, consider using a Site-Wide Read Only Access link. This link can be provided from a local Intranet site or other location to allow guest access but utilizes additional security measures. For more on this feature, see this article.

  2. If your site utilizes Smart Groups, this can be enabled or disabled here. Smart Groups are typically established during implementation. 

  3. If your site is part of a network of interconnected sites, you have the option to enable searching across your entire library, regardless of applicability. Depending on the number of sites and the level of variance across all sites, this may prove confusing for some users so please use caution when enabling this feature.

  4. If there are specific medical terms or other local terminology you would like to ensure do not get flagged as misspelled within the PolicyStat Editor, enter them here. 

  5. PolicyStat allows users with Area Editor permissions (or above) to create new content with Word, and any users granted Editor access to export their content to Microsoft Word and reimport it back into PolicyStat. If you would like to remove this option for your users, de-select this check box.


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