Can I Print Policies in Bulk?


After generating a PDF backup of your PolicyStat files, you may want to print hard copies for safe keeping. To save the time of opening and printing PDFs individually, these can be printed in bulk in a few short steps. 

PLEASE NOTE: These directions are verified to work with the free Adobe Reader program. This should work for other programs, but if you encounter challenges please consult your local IT department.

Print a PDF Backup in Bulk

  1. Complete the process to generate a PDF backup following the steps shown in this article. This especially includes extracting the files.

  2. Open the file folder with the extracted files, and select the files desired to print.

    Select multiple files by pressing the Ctrl key on your keyboard and clicking each file. 

    PLEASE NOTE: On Windows, this process does not work if you select all the files in the folder. The best recommendation is to select all files but one, then print the final option separately. This is a Windows setting and we are unable to modify it.

  3. Right click with your mouse, and select the Print or Print All option (depending upon what displays). Please note this may start printing the files immediately, so ensure your printer is ready. 

  4. Return to the folder and print the final PDF. 
NOTE:  Attachments to documents must be printed separately.



This article applies to the following user roles:


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