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Approval simulations can be used to add an approval signature to a policy. For example, if you want to note that a subject matter expert approves of a certain policy, but you do not want them to be a part of the approval workflow, you can use approval simulations to add their approval to the history.

Simulate an Approval

  • To simulate an approval, click the Override link in the bar on the top right of the policy. NOTE: This is visible for Site Admins only.

  • Click the Approval Simulation tab. NOTE: This is only visible during an override. 

  • Enter the name of the Approver (1) and the date they provided their approval (2).

  • Describe the changes made (3) and click the Override the Policy button (4).


  • The process can only be used to add one approver at a time. For multiple approvers, repeat the process. 

  • This process is adding a new approver, and does not advance an Approval Workflow. To advance a Workflow, log in as a proxy for any existing members who have not approved on the current step and mark the approval on their behalf.  

  • Approval simulations can be added at any point in the approval process, whether the document is active or pending. 

  • Please note that no notifications are sent when an override has been completed. 


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