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Single Acknowledgments vs. Recurring Acknowledgments


Acknowledgments are assigned as single acknowledgments by default. When a user acknowledges a policy, they are not required to re-acknowledge any subsequent versions. 

Recurring acknowledgments mean that each time a new version is created (i.e. - completes an Approval Workflow), assigned users will need to return to PolicyStat to review the changes and re-acknowledge the policy. 

To assign acknowledgments as recurring, check the box just above the Assign Acknowledgments button.



Administrative Overrides

If minor changes are made as part of an Administrative Override (e.g. - typo corrections, modify properties, etc.), this does not create a new version and recurring acknowledgments will not be assigned. 


Was this Acknowledgement Assigned as Single or Recurring?

Once acknowledgments are assigned, users who have ownership permission for a policy (Owner/Area Manager/Site Administrator) can also view incomplete acknowledgments assigned to a policy.

  1. Open a policy for which ownership permissions are assigned and scroll to the bottom. 
  2. Locate the heading titled Recurring Acknowledgments and click the plus symbol to expand.
  3. The list of users and/or user groups who are assigned recurring acknowledgments for this policy are displayed. If the acknowledgment is a single, one time acknowledgement, names of users or user groups will not appear.
  4. If you are a Site Administrator, users and user groups in this section are also hyperlinks. Clicking on a user will take you to their user details page, and clicking on a user group will take you to the group's edit page. 



This article applies to the following user roles:

amanager.png siteAdmin.png

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