Documents frequently tend to come due for review about the same time, and many do not require changes. Document Owners and Area Managers are be able to start the review process in bulk for multiple documents they own (or are responsible for) at once.

To start the review process one policy at a time, see this article


Bulk Start Review

  1. From the My Policies Due For Review report page, select all desired documents for which no changes are required (1). To select all displayed documents, click the select all box in the top left of the table
  2. Provide a comment describing why no changes are required (2).
  3. Click Start Approval Process (3).



The Bulk Start Review can be used on documents that:

  • Do not have a draft
  • Are not already in a review process

In either of those circumstances, review the respective draft or pending versions.



This article applies to the following user roles:


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