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  • Getting Your Site Set-Up: Pre-Go Live

    This category lists to-do items and articles focused on working through the implementation process for sites that have not yet gone live with PolicyStat.
  • PolicyStat 101: The Basics

    This category provides answers to frequently asked questions and everything the majority of PolicyStat users need to know. Have tips and tricks that work better? Let us know in the comments of an article, in the User Community, or submit a support ticket.
  • How to Approve, Collaborate, and Acknowledge

    Approvals and collaboration are integral parts of the PolicyStat experience. The articles contained here address PolicyStat Approval Workflows (a Pillar of PolicyStat), collaboration on policies through commenting, and how to assign acknowledgments to the users.
  • Help for Creating New Draft Policies

    Users with Policy Area Editor permissions (or above) can create their own new policies using our editor or import policies created in Microsoft Word for conversion. Click the topics below to find out more.
  • Help for Editing Existing Policies

    Users who are Approvers, Owners, Policy Area Editors, Policy Area Managers, or Site Admins can all access the Editor for policies they have access to. Click the topics below to find out more.
  • Help for Site Administrators

    Site Administrators carry elevated privileges in PolicyStat. The sections discussed here highlight the special features granted to users with Site Administrator privileges.

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